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Korean People’s Army Air Force Aerobatic Display

The KPA Air Force will perform a range of aerobatic flying displays over the course of the first day of the Festival. A number of aircraft types are anticipated to take part, including MiG-15, MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-25 jets, Yak-18 and An-2 propeller planes, and Hughes MD-500 and Mil-8 helicopters. When not flying, they will be parked up at Kalma during the day as a static display for photography.


Air Koryo Aerobatic Display

Air Koryo will take to the skies and perform various flying displays featuring low passes and touch and go manoeuvres. Aircraft types planned to take part will include the Ilyushin IL-18, IL-62, IL-76, Tupolev Tu-134, Tu-154, and Antonov An-24 airliners. When not flying, they will be parked up at Kalma during the day as a static display for photography.


Mirim Air Club Microlight Display

For the first time, Mirim Air Club will be joining the Festival with their fleet of ‘Honey Bee’ microlights, performing a variety of formation flying displays.



Wonsan will welcome foreign skydivers to the country in the spirit of international peace and friendship through air sports. Professionally qualified parachutists are invited to participate in the ‘International Friendship Skydive’, in which Korean and foreign skydivers will jump together over the Kalma Peninsula. A light-hearted accuracy competition is also planned. Should you wish to take part in this unique opportunity, please contact one of the authorised Air Festival Travel Agents who will be happy to provide more information about how to join.

As well as the above, parachutists from the Pyongyang Air Club will be performing several demonstration formation jumps from various heights onto the runway, including interesting use of pyrotechnics!



The Festival will welcome foreign professional balloonist teams to the DPRK to participate in several ground-breaking activities. There will be an ‘International Friendship Mass Ascent’ in which international ballooning teams from around the world will take off and fly across the Kalma peninsula, providing a great spectacle from above and below.

Balloons will also feature heavily as part of the Grand Finale on the evening of the second day of the Festival, where they will frame Haean Square in Wonsan and perform a tethered ‘Nightglow’, lighting up central Wonsan during the Mass Dance.


Model Aircraft Aerobatic Display

Taking place on the second day of the Festival in between the parachuting events, Pyongyang Air Club will perform an aerobatic flying display with a range of model aircraft. We are promised a colourful and lively display that will rival that of their bigger brothers – albeit in miniature!


Scenic Pleasure Flights

Although the Festival officially closes after the second day, visitors can enjoy a third day at Kalma Airport with the opportunity to participate in optional 30 minute scenic pleasure flights on a range of classic aircraft in the Air Koryo fleet. These include the Ilyushin IL-18, IL-62, IL-76, Tupolev Tu-134, Tu-154, Antonov An-24 airlines plus Mil Mi-17 helicopters. Those not taking the flights will be allowed to film and photograph the aircraft in action from the edge of the runway.

Furthermore, for the first time ever, participants will additionally have the option to take low-level sightseeing pleasure flights across Wonsan bay on board the Mirim Air Club’s ‘Honey Bee’ microlights, offering great views of the city.


International Aerobatic Flying Displays

In addition to the aerobatic displays of the KPA Air Force and Air Koryo, the Festival also hopes to attract a number of international aerobatic display teams to participate for the first time at Wonsan Kalma Airport. Further details of the international aerobatic participants will be provided in due course.



As well as the main aviation and air sports events, the Festival will host a wide range of additional cultural activities for participants to enjoy between the flying.

On the first evening, an energetic Song and Dance show will be performed by the Kangwon Province Art Troupe, held at the impressive Songdowon open-air amphitheatre. This will showcase many of the traditional musical instruments and dances of Korea.

On the second evening, a Grand Finale event will be held in Haean Square, the main square of Wonsan City. It will start with a Mass Dance of around 5,000 youth and students, during which Festival participants can even have a go and join in themselves! This will be followed by a fireworks display across the Bay of Wonsan, framed by a balloon ‘nightglow’ around the Square. Festivities will end with a closing Korean cuisines banquet.


Food and Drink

We are delighted that the Air Festival will once again be hosting the DPRK National Beer Showcase, during which visitors will be allowed to sample a wide array of beers from across the country whilst enjoying the thrilling aerobatic feats taking place above them. A range of bar stalls will be set up where you can take a seat together with the Korean fellow spectators. Furthermore, the Festival will provide a showcase of Korean national cuisine for all participants to enjoy.

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